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Guide to Authors

Any papers falling within the scope of the Journal of Choice Modelling are welcome for submission. Any questions should be addressed to the editors.

Types of contributions

Issues of the Journal of Choice Modelling will mainly contain research papers. No maximum paper length is imposed, and the final decision on acceptable paper length will be taken on a paper by paper basis by the editor in charge.

Along with research papers, shorter letters and commentaries will also be considered, as will discussions of previously published papers, where the authors in question will be given the chance to respond.

In exceptional circumstances, literature revie

ws and book reviews may also be considered for publication.

Initial paper submission procedure

Papers submitted for potential publication in the Journal of Choice Modelling should be sent electronically in Portable Document Format (PDF) via the paper submission page.

Any paper submission needs to be accompanied by a covering letter highlighting the contribution of the paper. Papers submitted elsewhere will not be considered.

Papers should contain an abstract of no more than 200 words, and any figures and tables should be embedded in the same PDF file as the main text.

Only papers cited in the text may be included in the list of references.

Copyright and Licensing

By submitting papers to the Journal of Choice Modelling, authors will agree to have their work made available indefinitely on the journal's website. 

The authors retain the right to: 

  • use the paper on personal or institutional websites (after publication, a link to the Journal of Choice Modelling website needs to be included)
  • distribute their paper via e-mail or other means, including the version hosted on the Journal of Choice Modelling website
  • present published papers at conferences
Papers published in the Journal of Choice Modelling may not be published in other journals, or be included in published conference proceedings.


The official language of the Journal of Choice Modelling is English, and papers with an unsatisfactory quality of written English may not be considered at the editors' discretion.

Data availability

One of the aims of the Journal of Choice Modelling is to ensure transparency by allowing readers to reproduce the results of published papers. To this extent, authors will be encouraged to make available the data used in their analyses. Where required, data masking will be permitted.

Formatting instructions for final manuscripts

The Journal of Choice Modelling uses LaTex for typesetting prior to publication. Authors are encouraged to submit the final version of their papers in LaTex format. However, submissions using other formats such as Microsoft Word are also accepted (papers will be translated into LaTex format prior to publication).